This Week for Faculty: 🌱 5 Practices to Promote a Growth Mindset

by | Aug 8, 2022

Five tips to help your students learn and grow

Support your students’ learning this Fall through practices that are learner-centered and inclusive.

  1. Set the tone for the semester by expressing your belief in your students’ ability to achieve your course learning objectives. Explain to students that mistakes and failure are part of the learning process, and that the course is structured to support their success. This can be communicated through your course syllabus (explore the CTL resource on Designing an Inclusive Syllabus), in your CourseWorks site, and in class. 
  2. Plan to offer your students low-stakes opportunities to practice applying course knowledge and skills throughout the semester. Explore the CTL’s resource on Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs): Low-Stakes Strategies to Assess Active Learning. Consider how you might integrate instructional technology such as Poll Everywhere to get your students to think, engage, and receive your feedback in real time; and low-stakes quizzes in CourseWorks using QuizCon to boost your students’ confidence in their ability. 
  3. Rethink how you assess student learning. Consider how course assignments can be broken down into smaller tasks with opportunities for students to receive feedback and iterate prior to moving on to the next task. Checkout the CTL’s resources on Assessing Equitably with All Learners in Mind and Designing Assignments for Learning. 
  4. Frame feedback in terms of growth. Give feedback that focuses on the process. Use rubrics and encourage students to self-assess their performance or work. The CTL’s resources Feedback for Learning and Incorporating Rubrics Into Your Feedback and Grading Practices are good places to start. 
  5. Encourage students to reflect on their learning, as well as their preparation, their process, their performance, and the strategies that are and are not working for them in the course. Explore the CTL’s Metacognition resource for strategies to support the development of this skill in your students.

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