This Week for Faculty: Anti-Racist and Inclusive Pedagogy Resources

by | Mar 22, 2021

Anti-Racist Pedagogy Resources

Resource: Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Action: First StepsClassrooms serve as microcosms of the larger society, and the resources offered here, while focused on pedagogical practices, support broader commitments to anti-racist actions in higher education. This resource centers on citing the experts in this field, synthesizing their work to encourage further research and, most importantly, amplifying the voices of those who have been doing this work for decades. 

Reading Group: Anti-Racist Pedagogy Theory and Practice; March 25 and April 22; 3-4:15pm

Accessibility and Inclusive Teaching Resources

Accessibility in Teaching and LearningThis resource provides instructors with an overview of accessibility in teaching and learning and general “getting started” strategies for making learning resources, tools, experiences, and opportunities accessible to all learners. Creating an accessible learning environment for your students is part of an inclusive practice.

Inclusive Teaching and Learning OnlineWith the shift to online learning, instructors can draw on principles of inclusive teaching to help students feel a sense of belonging, ensure they can access course materials, and support them in achieving learning goals. This resource provides strategies for inclusive teaching online and is structured around the five principles of inclusive teaching as outlined in the Guide for Inclusive Teaching at Columbia.

Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom MOOCExplore the principles of inclusive teaching in this open online course and learn how to apply them in your classroom to support diverse learners.

Inclusion and Belonging at Columbia: Other resources to support the Columbia community from the Office of University Life.

Student Perspectives on Inclusive Teaching

Thoughts and Experiences with Inclusive Teaching and Learning Onlinewe asked the CTL’s Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Consultants to share with us their thoughts on and experiences with inclusive teaching and learning online. 

Remote Teaching and Learning: Three Learners’ Perspectives on Inclusive Teachingthree student consultants reflected on their experiences with online inclusive teaching and learning, and provided questions and suggestions for faculty. 

Workshop To Go

Want the CTL to come to you? Workshops To Go is an on-demand offering for departments or programs that wish to host a short pedagogical workshop for their faculty. Department chairs and program directors can request a Workshop To Go on the following topic: Ways to Be More Inclusive in Your Online Course.

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