This Week for Faculty: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

by | May 4, 2020

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Congratulations on getting through an unprecedented semester!

Thank-a-Prof / Thank-a-TA thank-a-prof logo

All Columbia University students have been invited to submit thank you notes to professors or TAs this week as part of the CTL’s Thank-a-Prof / Thank-a-TA Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to celebrate impactful teaching and learning at Columbia, and for professors and TAs to be recognized for their contributions, especially important given the intensity of the Spring 2020 semester. 

In the past year we’ve sent over 1400 thank-you notes on behalf of Columbia students. These notes have brought joy to the Columbia teaching community. You can check out our video and a sampling of thank you messages from last year on the Thank-a-Prof / Thank-a-TA webpage below. 

Reflections and Resources from Columbia Undergraduate Students

Remote Teaching and Learning: Three Learners’ Perspectives on Inclusive Teaching

Three student consultants reflected on their experience with online inclusive teaching and learning, and provided questions and suggestions for faculty.

Nicole Lyons Nikki Lyons, GS ’21, on her appreciation for her professor’s ability to adapt and foster equity in her online class: 
“All of our learning objectives have been explicitly adjusted. To encourage us to continue learning to the best of our ability, he has also communicated that students can ask for more time on any assignment, simply asking us to stay in communication with him. On top of that, he sends emails reminding us that we’re in this all together, that he’s thinking of us. He also shares pieces of writing that have helped him navigate this time. His clarity, encouragement, and thoughtful communication is extremely helpful…In a course with a reputation for “weeding” students out of the discipline, this support is exactly what I need during such a challenging time.” 

Remote Learner-Centered Teaching: What can I do in my online classroom? SAPP logo

Developed by student consultants from the Students as Pedagogical Partners Initiative, this resource considers Weimer’s (2013) five key changes to practice learner-centered teaching, adapted to the context of the remote classroom.

The CTL is Here to Help!

CTL staff are holding daily virtual Office Hours Monday through Friday to help faculty with questions related to teaching remotely, as well as any other teaching-related inquiries. You can also arrange a one-on-one consultation by phone or via Zoom for support. Please email to set up a time to meet with one of our consultants.