This Week for Graduate Students: Interested in Advanced CTL Fellowships? Register for Info Session

by | Apr 18, 2023

Introduction to Advanced CTL Fellowships

The CTL’s Graduate Student Programs and Services team invites doctoral students who have engaged extensively with CTL offerings, as well as current and past CTL Fellows, to join us for an information session to explore advanced paid fellowship opportunities at the CTL.

This information session will focus on the following opportunities:

In this session, CTL staff will review all senior fellowship opportunities available to graduate students. They will then be joined by current and past fellows to share the expectations, development opportunities, and timelines for applying to each of the above opportunities. At the end of the session, participants will be invited to ask questions in an interactive Q&A.

Date: Friday, April 21
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Location: Butler Library, Room 212


Want to practice a new in-class activity or just get some more practice before teaching in your classroom? Join peers in a Microteaching Practice session where you will divide into groups of 3-4 with a facilitator and take turns delivering short samples of instruction to each other. After each teaching sample, your facilitator and your peers will offer structured feedback to support your teaching. Whether you are currently teaching at Columbia or not, all graduate students looking to practice teaching are welcome to attend this Microteaching Practice session.

Date: Wednesday, April 19
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Location: Butler Library, Room 204

This session satisfies the Application and Practice requirement of the Teaching Development Program.

Careers in Educational Development

Curious about the field of educational development as a career trajectory? Come hear from the CTL’s Assistant Directors (ADs) and Learning Designers (LDs) about our recent paths to careers in educational development and our early experiences in this field. Through a brief pre-session reading and informed in-session Q&A, participants in this session will learn about a range of interests and pathways that led us to this career path, the kinds of opportunities we sought out along the way, and how we prepared for our transition into the field of educational development.

Ultimately, this session can help graduate students interested in pursuing a career in educational development to identify steps they can take (or may have already taken) to prepare for this career. 

Date: Friday, May 5 
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Location: Butler Library, Room 212

This workshop counts as a Pedagogy Workshop for participants enrolled in the Teaching Development Program

Upcoming Lead Teaching Fellow Events

The 44 2022-23 Lead Teaching Fellows are running workshops and discussions in departments all around Columbia. These are generally advertised locally. Below are upcoming events that are open to participants beyond the LTFs home departments. Read more about the LTF program here.

LTF events count towards track completion in the Teaching Development Program.

Teaching When You’re Struggling: Paradigms of Care Ethics for Yourself and Your Students

Have you ever had to teach or TA when you were struggling? In recent years there has been an increase in conversations around caring for students via inclusive, trauma-informed, liberatory, and anti-oppressive pedagogies. However, as instructors and TAs, we do not often get a chance to consider how to navigate our roles in the classroom when challenges arise in our personal and professional lives…and yet we still have to teach. Facilitated by licensed therapist and Social Work PhD student, Kelsey Reeder, who studies conceptualizations of care and their role in the parallel processes between, and false binaries of pedagogy-practice and professor-student—participants will have a chance to discuss past and present experiences of teaching in the midst of personal (and global) crisis, and will receive tangible tools to carry with them for challenging chapters to come. When we cannot and do not care for ourselves, we are rendered incapable of caring for our students—join us as we disrupt the “us” and “them” of professors and students, paving roads toward the “us” and “we”.

This event is led by Lead Teaching Fellow Kelsey Reeder (Social Work). It is open to all graduate students.

Date & Time: Friday, April 21, 1:00–2:00PM
Location: via Zoom
Registration: here

Self-Assessment and Fairness in Grading Class Participation

It is well-documented that student participation is an important component of active learning. It improves information retention, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Consequently, we often require class participation for a final grade, as this facilitates student learning. Yet creating an inclusive class room where students feel comfortable contributing is not without challenges. Differences in previous educational experience, cultural norms, the experience of bias, as well varying levels of confidence often influence how willing a student is to participate in class discussion. Similarly, instructors are often unsure of how to assess students’ contributions in light of these differences.

This workshop discusses the importance of class participation and how student self-assessment can overcome some of these inequalities. Following Bell (2021), I present an assessment model that aims to get students to set their own participation goals and assess if they’ve met them. I then discuss how these model aids the fair assessment of student learning while encouraging active learning.

This event is led by Lead Teaching Fellow Tahlia Pajaczkowska-Russell (Philosophy). It is open to all humanities graduate students. 

Date & Time: Friday, April 21, 4:00–6:00 PM
Location: Philosophy 716
Registration: here

Consultations & Office Hours

The CTL provides graduate students and postdocs with consultations at all points in their teaching career. These include consultations on teaching statements, professional development, preparing for the job market, teaching online, and general teaching-related support. Request a consultation.

Office Hours
Live office hours for graduate students are being held each Friday from 2:00 PM–4:00 PM ET. Current Columbia graduate students seeking guidance on teaching approaches and tactics, preparing materials for teaching portfolios, or completing tracks in the Teaching Development Program are invited to drop in, no appointment necessary – in-person in 212 Butler or online via Zoom. Please contact for the Zoom link.