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Teaching Observation Fellows

Teaching Observation Fellows

Teaching Observation Fellows (formerly called Peer Teaching Consultants and Teagle Fellows) are Columbia University doctoral students who work closely with the Center for Teaching and Learning and with each other during the academic year to better design, implement, and assess elements of teaching. Senior Teaching Observation Fellows help to mentor TOFs as they undergo observation activities. Columbia doctoral students who have successfully completed the Innovative Teaching Summer Institute are eligible for this program. Applications for 2017-18 Teaching Observation Fellows were accepted in July, 2017.

About the Teaching Observation Fellow Program

Teaching Observation Fellows are remunerated with a $2,000 stipend for successfully completing observation and reflection activities during the academic year. TOFs are expected to devote 30-35 hours per semester to fellowship activities.

In 2017-18, working as a Teaching Observation Fellow will entail the following deliverables:

  • Attending a sequence of Teaching Observation workshops in the CTL during the academic year.
  • Conducting a number of teaching observations and consultations in partnership with peers in the TOF program. These observations entail planning and reflection protocols, which TOFs execute collaboratively with guidance from the CTL. Activities include peer teaching observations, microteaching sessions, and consultations on syllabi, assignments, and lesson plans.
  • Partnering with graduate students trained as CTL Teaching Consultants to conduct structured teaching observations requested by instructors at Columbia.
  • Observing at least one faculty member teaching in a different discipline, with follow-on written reflection.

Skills cultivated by the TOF program include the following:

  • Hands-on exploration of formative assessment tools and approaches.
  • Definition and measurement of inclusive teaching practices.
  • Development of collegial and targeted conversations with colleagues about pedagogy in an interdisciplinary setting.

Successful completion of this fellowship qualifies participants to be Teaching Consultants in future years. Teaching Consultants are paid to conduct teaching observations for Columbia instructors, under guidance of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Due to the confidential nature of teaching observations, access to the program website is limited to participants in this fellowship.


2016-17 Teaching Observation Fellows

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Daniel Barulli


Kirsten Blancato


Maria Bo

English and Comparative Literature

Logan Brenner

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Elena Carazo

Biological Science

Allison DeWitt

Senior Teaching Observation Fellow

Zachary Domach


Erica Drennan

Slavic Languages

Mahmood Gharavi


Ani Kodzhabasheva

Art History and Archaeology

Brittany Koffer


Niki Krieg


Haixing Li

Applied Physics and Applied Math

Andrew Pinkard


Colin Raymond

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Teagle Fellows

The Teaching Observation Fellows program is a development of the Teagle Teaching Fellows program that ran at Columbia during the 2013-14 and the 2014-15 academic years. Teagle Fellows worked in pairs to observe each other’s teaching, and they posted observation planning work and reflections on teaching observations on websites supporting their work (UNI authorization necessary):

In addition, information about Teagle Fellows and select elements of their work is available to the general public. See the public information about Teagle Fellows here for details.