Seminars and Institutes for Faculty

Semester-long seminar programs engage faculty in a supportive community of practice through a series of connected modules, workshops, and discussion groups on teaching and learning topics.

Multi-day institutes provide an opportunity for faculty to develop new teaching approaches, applications, and skills with hands-on guidance from CTL staff in an immersive, supportive environment.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Visit the CTL Events Calendar to browse all upcoming events for faculty. Download a flyer to see an overview for this semester. Coming soon! 


Reflective Teaching Seminar

Who are you as a teacher? What do you believe is most important for your students to learn? How do you do teach them this? Why? Faculty can apply for the Reflective Teaching Seminar program to join a community of their peers. This program provides an opportunity for faculty to reflect on their teaching experiences and commit to improving student learning through their teaching.

Digital Literacy for Instructional Practices Seminar

Do you teach digital skills? Together with partners at Columbia Libraries and the Graduate School of Journalism, the CTL offers the Digital Literacy Seminar for instructors who wish to ground their work in a structured approach to representing digital skill development.


Course Redesign Institute

Are you preparing to teach a new course? Do you need to revise a course because of enrollment fluctuations? Do you want to refresh your course? The Course Redesign Institute is an intensive three-day experience in which Columbia faculty, with hands-on guidance from CTL staff, focus on designing or redesigning a specific course.

Active Learning Institute

How can we create courses that improve student engagement and motivation? Our hands-on Active Learning Institute helps faculty transform their undergraduate and graduate-level courses into an environment for participatory learning.

Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) Summer Institute for Teaching and Learning

The CUMC Summer Institute is a one-day workshop for junior faculty or senior faculty who have taken on a new teaching role. The Institute focuses on exploring effective teaching and learning strategies in health sciences education.