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On-Demand Resources for Graduate Students

CTL offers several on-demand modules for graduate students that can be accessed anytime by Columbia University affiliates. These asynchronous offerings offer support for teaching and professional development. Though some of the resources listed here supplement CTL seminars and workshops for graduate students, all also serve as standalone resources. 

Intro to the Teaching Portfolio

This module is designed to support you in compiling your teaching portfolio, a set of materials that complements your teaching statement to represent your teaching. A teaching portfolio takes time to collect, curate, and revise. Thus, this CTL self-paced resource is designed to help kickstart the assembly of your portfolio and to support you as you continue to add to and iterate on your teaching portfolio in the future.

Intro to the Diversity Statement

The diversity statement is a recent addition to the suite of materials hiring committees may ask for you to submit for academic job applications. These statements are often deeply personal and, as a result, can take a lot of time and effort to craft, elaborate, and revise. The CTL has designed this self-paced resource to introduce you to the diversity statement as a genre and help you begin the process of ideating and crafting the first draft of your statement.

Intro to the Teaching Statement

A teaching statement takes time to brainstorm, draft, and revise. This is why the CTL has designed this self-paced resource to introduce you to the teaching statement—one of the most frequently requested teaching materials on the academic job market—and help kickstart the writing of your first draft.

Orientation to Teaching

CTL teaching orientation modules are online and accessible anytime. You will find useful guidance here for establishing an inclusive tone with students, drafting policies, creating plans for initial class sessions, and connecting to student support offices and other campus resources.

Learning Objectives Generator

Are you wrestling with coming up with clear learning objectives for your potential students? Our Learning Objectives Generator is a self-paced 20 minute module that takes you through the steps of creating compelling and measurable learning objectives—on a course, unit, or individual assignment level.

Essentials of Teaching and Learning Modules

Each semester CTL runs its four-session Essentials of Teaching and Learning workshop series covering the following foundational topics: Inclusive Teaching, Defining Learning Objectives, Active Learning, and Assessment and Grading. A module with guidance and examples accompanies each session.

Supporting Hybrid and Online Learning and Teaching (SHOLT)

Supporting Hybrid & Online Learning & Teaching (SHOLT) is an on-demand, self-paced course designed to help Columbia graduate student instructors in support roles develop effective teaching practices in online and hybrid courses. Modules cover topics such as teaching as a team online, creating online community with students, engaging students in active and collaborative learning online, and assessing student learning online.

Teaching Citational Practice

Teaching Citational Practice is an open-access resource for higher education instructors interested in practical, innovative, and progressive strategies for teaching research and citation. It bring together the diverse views and original teaching approaches of instructors from across academic disciplines and institutions. This resource was initially developed by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Cat Lambert and Diana Newby in a Spring 2021 CTLgrads Learning Community.

CTL Teaching Resources

CTL has published a number of guides for Columbia faculty and instructors of record. These guides are available to you anytime and cover topics that include Accessibility in Teaching and Learning, Anti-Racist Pedagogy, Blended Learning, The Case Method, Inclusive Teaching, Metacognition, and DIY Video Creation.

The CTL is here for graduate students.

The Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning provides an array of support for graduate students in both their current and future teaching responsibilities.