Senior Lead Teaching Fellowship

Senior Lead Teaching Fellows (SLTFs) are returning LTFs who serve as mentors to assigned cohorts of incoming Lead Teaching Fellows, complete advanced teaching-related projects, and coordinate communication and outreach efforts. In 2018-19 academic year, five SLTFs mentored an LTF cohort of 29. See the 2018-19 LTF directory for details.

Eligibility and Support

SLTFs earn stipends of $3000 over the academic year ($1500 per semester). To be eligible for the position of Senior Lead Teaching Fellows (SLTF), applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Successful and timely completion of all work in the Lead Teaching Fellow program
  • General availability for on-campus meetings during the 2019-20 academic year
  • Seventh or earlier year during 2019-20 and in good academic standing in a Columbia University doctoral program

Apply now to be a 2019-20 SLTF

2019-20 SLTF applications are due May 24, 2019

SLTF Activities

SLTFs serve as mentors to LTFs during the year, oversee LTF deliverables, co-lead CTL-designed workshops, and co-facilitate learning communities. SLTFs are expected to devote approximately 80 hours over the academic year to the program. Specific 2019-20 STLF activities and deliverables consist of the following:

Lead Teaching Fellows mentorship and supervision (both semesters, 25 hours each semester)

  • Planning meetings with CTL Assistant Directors.
  • LTF meeting facilitation.
  • Mentoring LTFs during semester.
  • Overseeing LTF deliverables. 
  • Coordinating LTF workshop visits. 

Co-facilitation of a Learning Community (one semester, 20 hours)

  • Collaboration with another SLTF on the design and preparation for a CTLgrads learning community. Learning communities are organized around special topics in education and involve informal discussion of research or other related materials. 
  • Facilitation of learning community meetings (2-3 meetings in either the fall or spring term).
  • Documenting and co-authoring report about the learning community.

Supporting CTL programs for graduate students (5 hours across the academic year)

  • Facilitation of TA orientation sessions, CTL events or workshops, Teaching Development Program activities, and/or other graduate student workshops during the academic year. Assignments will be coordinated with individual SLTF schedules.

End of year reflective report (5 hours)

  • Summative reflection on STLF activities, written at the end of the academic year and posted onto the LTF program website.

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