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2018 Science of Learning Symposium – Metacognition: From Research to Classroom

The Center for Teaching and Learning and the Science Of LEarning Research (SOLER) co-organized the inaugural Science of Learning Symposium. This year’s Symposium brought together Columbia faculty, staff, graduate students, and experts in the science of learning to share the research on metacognition in learning, and to translate it into strategies that maximize student learning.

Cathy N. Davidson on “The New Education”

The 2018 Celebration of Teaching and Learning Symposium featured keynote speaker Cathy N. Davidson, author of The New Education: How To Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World in Flux (Basic Books). In her talk on the “The New Education,” Davidson situates the modern research university within its Taylorist origins. She asks, provocatively, what would higher education look like if we were to consider, deeply and thoroughly, the kind of university students today need to prepare them for the complexities of the world they have inherited.

Columbia Students Share Their Most Engaging Learning Experiences

Columbia faculty had a chance to talk to the learners themselves during the CTL’s Teaching Orientation for Faculty in Fall 2017. In this video, a panel of Columbia students share their most memorable and engaging learning experiences at the University.

José Antonio Bowen on “Teaching Naked”

In this video recording of the 2017 Celebration of Teaching and Learning Symposium, keynote speaker José Antonio Bowen, President of Goucher College, shares insights from his book “Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning.”

Improving Pedagogy: Nudging Students Into Better Behavior

Using Tech Outside the Classroom

Teaching Naked Techniques: How Student Thinking Works

Provost’s Conversations on Online Learning

The Provost’s Conversations on Online Learning (PCoOL) is a series of public talks by leading experts and peers on the future of education, specifically around online education.