This Week for Faculty: Strategies for Hybrid/HyFlex and Immersive Courses

by | Aug 10, 2020

Get Ready for Fall 2020: Online Resources & Courses


Hybrid/HyFlex Teaching and Learning

What is HyFlex? How does it work? What are some strategies for getting started? This guide helps instructors answer these questions by providing an overview and practical strategies for setting up HyFlex activities.

Seven Strategies for Success in Six-Week Immersive Courses 

Immersive courses are designed to allow instructors and students to work together intensively for a shorter period than a typical semester in order to enhance focus and facilitate learning through real-world application. When you are teaching an immersive course—especially an immersive course in an online or hybrid format—the need for intentional planning and thoughtful implementation is greatly amplified. This resource distills the seven most impactful strategies to employ when designing an immersive course.

Asynchronous Learning Across Time Zones

Asynchronous learning gives students the flexibility to access course information, demonstrate their learning, and communicate from anywhere and at any time. This resource provides tips for setting up an online course that allows instructors and students to engage with course material, activities, and each other at different times.

Online Courses for Faculty

Course Design Essentials woman at computer

Designing or redesigning a course? Take a deep dive into the essentials of course design for any classroom format—online, in-person, or hybrid. Self-enroll in this online CourseWorks offering and design your course anytime and from anywhere.

Watch narrated videos and design your course using downloadable worksheets. Upon completing this asynchronous experience, you should have a plan and the resources needed to continue the design process.

For: all Columbia faculty
Format: self-paced
Time Commitment: six hours

Hybrid & Online Teaching Institute

Join over 1,000+ Columbia faculty in the Hybrid & Online Teaching Institute! 

To prepare Columbia faculty for the Fall 2020 semester, the Hybrid & Online Teaching Institute guides faculty through adapting their courses from face-to-face to online or hybrid formats. This offering provides instructors a foundation that can serve across all formats of teaching with the capacity to adapt quickly to whatever mode of teaching makes the most sense at any given time. The institute provides faculty with a comprehensive toolkit they can apply to their own course context whether this may be a seminar, small lecture, or large lecture class.

For: all Columbia faculty
Format: mix of self-paced and live sessions
Time Commitment: six hours

Additional Support

CTL staff are holding daily virtual Office Hours Monday through Friday to help faculty with questions related to teaching online, as well as any other teaching-related inquiries. 

You can also arrange a one-on-one consultation by phone or via Zoom for support. Please email to set up a time to meet with one of our consultants. You can also request a CTL session for your next department or school gathering.