This Week for Faculty: 4 Tips to Prepare for Spring 2022

by | Jan 10, 2022

Get Ready for Spring 2022!

See four tips along with resources and upcoming live offerings to help prepare for the Spring semester. Want one-on-one help? Join us for drop-in Zoom Office Hours from Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.

1. Set the tone for the semester

Welcome students to the new semester, communicate course values, manage expectations, and build community.

Additional on-demand resources available through the Teaching in All Modalities page.

2. Plan to engage students in their learning

Ensure that all students actively participate in class. Engage them with course content and their peers through reflection, application, and discussion activities.  

3. Rethink your assessment, grading, and feedback approach

Maximize learning and minimize stress and anxiety by integrating low-stakes assessments that give students opportunities to practice using the knowledge and skills they are learning and receive feedback for improvement.

4. Set-up your course site and familiarize yourself with available classroom technology

Creating an online space where students can access and engage with course materials and each other will benefit all students and provide continuity between live class sessions. Leverage classroom technology to ensure in-person and remote students have access to learning. 

New Mediathread Feature: Image Uploader

Planning to have your students analyze video, audio files, or images in your courses this spring? Mediathread, built by the CTL, supports collection, citation, and annotation of media items within a course-specific website, and integrates with CourseWorks. Items to analyze in Mediathread can be imported from a variety of websites and library collections, or uploaded from a user’s computer. This spring we are happy to introduce direct uploading of images into Mediathread, in addition to video and audio file uploading. 

To learn more, visit the Mediathread site or contact CTL at


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