Teaching with AI Fellowship

Fast-moving developments in Generative AI have opened up innumerable new opportunities and challenges for instructors. As the Columbia University teaching community grapples with AI in various ways, a new fellowship specifically dedicated to exploring the pedagogical affordances of this new technology will serve as a focal point for graduate students with advanced interest and experience in this realm, and will help the Columbia community cultivate models and support for effective, ethical use of AI in teaching.

This fellowship is available to currently enrolled Columbia doctoral students in good standing who will be in years 2 – 7 of their program as of Fall 2024, and MFA students who will be in years 2-3 of their program. Preference will be given to applicants who have successfully completed the CTL’s Essentials of Teaching and Learning workshop series, a CTL seminar or institute, and/or a CTL fellowship.

Applications now being accepted

Applications for 2024-25 Teaching with AI Fellows are being accepted now through Monday, July 15. If you have questions about this this fellowship before applying, please reach out to CTLgrads@columbia.edu.

TAIF Program Activities

Teaching with AI Fellows (TAIFs) are awarded a stipend of $2,000 for the academic year. This stipend is distributed in two installments upon successful completion of the activities listed below. TAIFs will also have access to enterprise-level AI tools available at Columbia. TAIFs are expected to devote 60-70 hours to the program, scheduled around their other commitments and distributed across the academic year.

Teaching with AI activities include the following:

  • Attendance of regular cohort meetings with other TAIFs and mentors in the CTL during the academic year 
  • Exploration of early research into the application of generative AI tools to educational contexts
  • Experimentation with emerging generative AI tools to gauge applicability to teaching and learning activities
  • Development of projects serving as models for the Columbia community

The target and scope of TAIF projects will be determined by individual aptitudes and interests. Possible areas of focus include:

  • AI assisting with curriculum design (alignment with learning objectives, mid-course adjustments,personalized learning development, etc.)
  • AI providing just-in-time feedback and practice for students as they develop assignments or prepare for assessments
  • AI helping instructors monitor course engagement and identify needs or opportunities for individual assistance
  • AI effectively applied to broad yet discipline-specific teaching contexts such as language instruction or computer programming
  • AI as facilitator for collaborative or team learning projects
  • AI as a teaching development guide for graduate students, helping to set benchmarks, identify areas of needed growth

Successful completion of this fellowship qualifies participants to be CTL Teaching Consultants in future years. Teaching Consultants are paid to conduct CTL consultations, Teaching Observations, Mid-Course Reviews, and Practice Teaching (Microteaching) sessions for Columbia graduate student instructors across the university, under guidance of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Questions about the program may be sent to CTLgrads@columbia.edu.

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