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Inclusive Teaching

Our classrooms are diverse places. Differences in student and instructor identities, backgrounds, and experiences both enrich our classrooms and present challenges as we work to support all learners.

Attend any of our faculty workshop series offerings on inclusive teaching to:

  • learn new strategies for implementing inclusive teaching practices.
  • troubleshoot disciplinary or context-specific concerns.
  • share in community as we work to affirm Columbia’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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“Over the years, I have come to recognize how important it is for me to find ways of connecting with those I teach in order to make a notoriously challenging subject meaningful and less intimidating to them…My feeling is that the importance of this has been heightened by the current political climate and so, when I saw the title of this workshop, I thought that it might be helpful in lending substance and a theoretical framework to back up what my instincts have already been guiding me to do. I was not disappointed… For me, it was particularly interesting and valuable to be able to bounce ideas off of others from completely different fields and gain insight from all of their perspectives. Feedback on specific things that I had tried in my classes was quite encouraging and I felt that everyone there was receptive to learning from each other.”

Karen E. S. Phillips

Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Chemistry


For faculty…

  • …who are interested in considering the classroom as a diverse place.
  • …who are looking for strategies to implement inclusive teaching practices.

CTL Facilitators

Christy Simonian Bean

Program Description


Spring 2017 Sessions

Inclusive Teaching: Toward an Intercultural Pedagogy

Intercultural competence is defined broadly as the “ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in intercultural situations, to shift frames of reference appropriately and adapt behavior to cultural context” (Deardorff 2006). In this workshop, you and other members of the Columbia University community will consider strategies for making learning environments more inclusive by employing the principles of intercultural pedagogy. You will reflect on your experiences with diversity and inclusivity in the classroom, engage with the concept of course climate, and analyze teaching case studies. In the process, you should gain a deeper, more practical understanding of how to design and facilitate inclusive learning in your discipline.

Related Programs and Services

If you would like to discuss how to integrate inclusive practices in your classroom, please request a consultation.

If you are interested in inclusive teaching, consider applying for our Reflective Teaching Seminar to deepen your understanding and application of inclusive practice in your classroom.

Explore previous events related to inclusive teaching such as The CRLT Players at Columbia University and the Inclusive Teaching Forum.


Email Christy Simonian Bean if you have any questions. 

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