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Course Redesign Institute

Are you preparing to teach a new course? Do you need to revise a course because of enrollment fluctuations? Do you want to refresh your course? The Course Redesign Institute is an intensive three-day experience in which Columbia faculty, with hands-on guidance from CTL staff, focus on designing or redesigning a specific course.

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When and Where

The Course Redesign Institute typically takes place in June.


All Columbia faculty seeking to design a new course or revise an existing course are eligible. This includes undergraduate-level and graduate-level Columbia courses.

CTL Facilitators

Suzanna Klaf, Interim Director of Faculty Teaching Initiatives and Programs

Amanda Irvin, Associate Director of Faculty Teaching Initiatives and Programs

Program Description

The Course Redesign Institute provides faculty with the tools, time, and collegial support as you work to design or redesign an effective, learner-centered course. The Institute utilizes the “backward design” process, a concept put forth by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe in their book Understanding by Design. Institute participants begin their course design or redesign with the “end in mind” by articulating the course goals and objectives, and designing assessments and activities that align with those objectives.

By the end of the Institute, faculty create the basic structure of their course and produce a draft syllabus, assignments, assessment tools, and course outline. Participants also have the opportunity to exchange feedback, share ideas about teaching, and gather new ideas from peers.

Each participant receives a complimentary workbook of course planning materials, daily lunches, and light refreshments.


Email your questions to ctlfaculty@columbia.edu. Interested faculty can also contact Suzanna Klaf, Interim Director of Faculty Teaching Initiatives and Programs at the CTL. 

“It was amazing to me that in just three days I was able to actually develop an entire class ‘redesign’ and leave the Institute with solid plans for course modifications that will heighten student engagement and assure that every aspect of the class supports the fundamental teaching goals and foundational philosophical values related to this subject.”

Carly Hutchinson

Lecturer in Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health

“The Course Redesign Institute is a great way to give your class a constructive shake up. The three days spent reflecting on your goals and refining them into concrete materials saved me at least three days worth of false starts!” 

Martha Kim

Associate Professor, Computer Science

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