Assessing Student Learning

Assessing student learning is crucial to determining students’ mastery of course concepts, skills, and material. It is simultaneously useful as a measure of the instructor’s teaching and course design. Mindful assessment design, when accompanied with clear guidelines and thoughtful feedback, can improve students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as improve the instructor’s practice and ability to evidence teaching success.

Attend any of our faculty workshop series offerings on assessing student learning to:

  • learn about new assessment techniques and strategies for gauging student learning.
  • rethink course/assignment design and feedback provision to maximize student learning.
  • consider ways to improve the efficacy of your teaching in regard to student learning.

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For faculty…

  • …who are interested in improving student learning through assessment design.
  • …who are looking to broaden their knowledge of student assessment strategies.
  • …who want to consider evidence-based methods that will yield meaningful feedback for students.

CTL Facilitators

Christy Simonian Bean
Suzanna Klaf

Program Description

Spring 2017 Sessions

Rubric Design
Measure your students’ learning, simplify and make grading more transparent with rubrics! Following an overview of teaching and learning with rubrics, you will design a rubric to use in your classroom. Please bring a sample activity or assignment for which you will design a rubric during the session.

Gauging Student Learning with Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)
While traditional summative assessments such as midterms and finals give us insights into student learning, they often come too late to be actionable in providing key feedback to students and instructors. Classroom assessment techniques are short assignments that you can use at different points in a course to keep students engaged and on track, and to collect feedback on student learning. Please join us for an interdisciplinary workshop on evidence-based classroom assessment techniques. Through reflection, discussion, and application, you will consider ways to integrate formative assessment into your teaching practice.

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Email Christy Simonian Bean if you have any questions.