Workshops To Go

“Workshops To Go” is an on-demand offering for departments or programs that wish to host a short pedagogical workshop for their faculty. All workshops present evidence-based practices and are grounded in the science of teaching and learning. With each Workshop To Go offering, faculty will receive tailored resources, strategies, and practices that can help them address common challenges in their classrooms. 

Department chairs and program directors may select a session topic from the list below, which can be offered in a 15-, 30-, or 60-minute format, or can choose to work with CTL staff to customize a workshop to meet the needs of the department’s faculty. Click on the toggles below to read the workshop descriptions. 

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Teaching Large Classes: Engagement, Management, and Integrity

Teaching large classes can present unique challenges, including how to build rapport with and engage students, manage large amounts of grading, use TAs effectively, and how to handle issues related to academic honesty. In this session, faculty will explore these challenges and present evidence-based strategies to make large classes more manageable and enjoyable for faculty and students alike.

Learning Through Discussion: Three Steps to Effective Facilitation

Discussions can be meaningful and engaging learning experiences: dynamic, eye-opening, and generative. However, challenges can arise in the form of unequal participation, unclear learning outcomes, or difficult topics that turn into difficult classroom moments. In this session, faculty will explore a three-step process to ensure that students understand the why and how of discussion, and leave class with clear take-aways. With intentional planning and facilitation, faculty can work to ensure that students learn as much as possible from classroom conversations.

Inclusive Teaching: Small Changes to Maximize Equity in the Classroom

Inclusive classroom practices can empower students to create deeper, more meaningful learning experiences, but creating an equitable learning environment can be a challenge. This session will outline the importance of inclusive teaching and explore a variety of evidence-based ways that inclusive teaching practices can be implemented. In this session, faculty will learn small, easily-implemented strategies to maximize equity in classroom. Topics addressed can include constructing a supportive course climate, setting explicit expectations, constructing inclusive course content, and designing all aspects of class for accessibility.

Workshop Formats

In a 15-minute session, faculty members will learn about pedagogical approaches and strategies which address the selected topic.

In addition to learning about pedagogical approaches, in a 30-minute session a CTL staff member will guide faculty members through a group discussion on how these strategies can be applied to your discipline.

A 60-minute session includes all of components listed above, plus a more robust discussion of the topic with peers, the opportunity to try out a strategy with their colleagues, and time to begin planning how they could implement strategies into their classes.